Martyna Zoltaszek

Martyna Zoltaszek is a Polish-born artist, living and working in Bristol, England. Martyna trained as an artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in her hometown Wroclaw, graduating with an MA in Fine Arts. She also spent some time as a guest artist at the University of Tennessee’s Fine Art Department. These two institutions guided her with vastly different approaches, one focused on mastering the craftsmanship, the other on telling stories through art.

Martyna’s works are inspired by wild exotic nature & folk narratives. She portrays strange, surreally coloured and detailed vistas, inviting the viewer onto a journey into her curious world, bursting with lush foliage, strange wild creatures and explosions of colour. She creates verdant dreamscapes inhabited by neon animals, or fantastical creatures. She also explores other themes in her work, such as patterns, portraiture and spaces.

She has been fascinated by fauna & flora for as long as she can remember, and weighed up becoming either a vet or an artist. She became the latter, but this did not stop her from fostering injured animals; currently she looks after a dog with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and no tail.

Martyna’s images come to life with traditional techniques, like oil paint on canvas or watercolour on paper, sometimes reassembling the composition digitally. Her paintings and commissions have travelled to International Exhibitions and collectors, whilst her illustrations now adorn books, stationery, homeware and packaging.

Martyna works from a former Fire Station, the Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol. She shares a vast space over three floors with 40 other artists. She has an open area to paint on large canvasses and an organized desk to do illustration & design work. Her studio features a well stocked art themed bookshelf, a comfy vintage armchair for gathering thoughts, and literally hundreds of tubes of different coloured paints.

Martyna divides her time between working for clients and creating self-initiated work. Her motto when it comes to commissioned work is simple, building on a quote from Anthony Burill’s iconic poster: “Work Hard & Be Nice to People.” She also tries to create a little magic with each of her projects. She likes challenges and thrives on tight deadlines and tasks that provide an opportunity to learn. In her free time, Martyna enjoys good food (especially cakes), travelling & having a good laugh with friends.


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